Android Phone - "No Keyboard Found"


I’ve just started using Keyman Developer to make my own custom keyboards. I have run into an issue, though, when I try to install them on my phone. I have Keyman installed on my phone, which is an Android. I have set up the keyboard to run on Android phones (not tablets) as well as Windows. The keyboard will work perfectly fine on my Windows PC, but when I attempt to install it on my phone it gives me a “no keyboards were found” error. I followed the tutorial to the letter on the Keyman website, so I am not sure what I am missing. The .kmp file includes the .js file that the phone needs, as well as the base keyboard code that comes with it. I have altered the header to clear errors (setting it from a mneumonic keyboard to a non-mneumonic keyboard, because that caused an issue) but that does not affect the keyboard on my laptop. I have looked everywhere for a solution but no one else seems to have this issue. My phone associates the .kmp file with the Keyman app, and I can open the file from within the Keyman app, but no matter what route I take, it still gives me the same “no keyboards were found” error. I can definitely PM my keyboard to someone if they can figure out what the issue is. Thank you in advance for any help!



In the Keyman Developer package editor, did you specify a language to use with your .js keyboard?
It’s a step that’s easy to miss (See the 3rd bullet on the guide)

If you’re still having issues, you can PM me your .kmp file and I can see what’s going on.


Oh my gosh, that was it. Thank you so much for the quick reply! I had followed the tutorial to make one keyboard that would only be used on my laptop (with a custom font) and then referenced the tutorial to make the second one. I should have known there was a small thing in there about using it with phones, but I must have missed it. The keyboard is now working! I appreciate your time in helping me out!

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