Android fatal error loading keyboard

I’ve got ‘Fatal Error with jv-java_jawa. Loading default keyboard’ after several tries.

I used my last release and added touch keyboard. Then at first I modified the keyboard, and build the package, and install it on my Android, I got the error above. Then I replaced the touch keyboard with the default (basic), repackage, and reinstall it on my Android. Got the same error.

My Keyman Android initial version: 12.0.4214, I’ve updated to 13.0.6200, reinstall the .kmn, still the same error.

My Android version 9 patch 5 May 2019, phone Nokia 2.2 Android One.

Is it related to [SOLVED] Keyman 12.0 fatal error for older Android devices?

Welcome back to the forum @bennylin

It took me some time to rebuild your keyboard package to test.
I started with your jawa branch on GitHub and added the touch layout keyboard in the jawa.kps keyboard package source:

      <Description>Keyboard Nulisa Aksara Jawa</Description>
    <!-- Touch layout added here.... -->
      <Description>Keyboard Nulisa Aksara Jawa</Description>
      <Name>Nulisa Aksara Jawa</Name>
        <Language ID="jv-Java">Javanese</Language>

The built jawa.kmp installed on my Android emulator:


Keyman for Android 13.0.6200 stable
Pixel 2
Android 9 (API 28)

Can you try my test link and see if you get the same loading errors?

Hi @Darcy, nice to be able to continue, and on a memorable day, the Mother’s Tongue Day!

Your .kmp works!

On my .kmp, I put the jawa.keyman-touch-layout, and I don’t have the js file.

I’ve created a pull request. Thanks!

The compiler combines the .keyman-touch-layout file with the compiled .kmn to generate a .js file, which is usually placed into a build folder. You don’t need to include the .keyman-touch-layout file in the package.

See for information on the different types of files.

Hi Marc,

The tutorial here: should probably be updated.

This ticket can be closed. Thanks!

What should be updated in that tutorial? Note that that is aimed at app developers, not keyboard developers.

Ah, OK, I think I’m mistaking it for keyboard tutorial, where the js file is in the source folder.

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Okay, will make note of that, thanks!