Andika Compact displays as serif font in Bloom

When we choose Andika Compact font it (either from settings or from format text dialog) it changes to a serif font (Times New Roman).

This has been happening for many years. Since it hasn’t been fixed yet (and I can’t see any mention of it on the list) I am wondering if it has even been reported.

Andika and Andika New Basic show correctly but not Andika Compact. I just checked and see that Charis SIL Compact also displays as Times New Roman, and quite possibly the other Compact versions of the fonts.

Thank you for reporting this. We were not aware of the problem but are looking at it now.

That is a strange bug, indeed.
We have created a 4.7 beta version for complex script (CS) needs. While this is not a complex script issue, 4.7 CS beta does solve the issue. That means it should also be fixed in 4.8.

You can get the 4.7 CS beta at, but note the caveat listed there:
This version of Bloom might have some speed or memory use issues.

You can keep the regular release version installed and switch back and forth as necessary.