Analytics woes and other

I have released my DAB app on google play store. It has Firebase analytics included but I find Firebase very frustrating and very limited in terms of what it reports. The app also includes google analytics (deprecated) but no matter what I have tried I cannot get that working or to report anything. I now want to try with Amplitude and see if it can give anything better and then provide an update with that included. I have upgraded to the latest version of DAB, but when I add Amplitude analytics and increase the version name the app refuses to install on my device [Update Incompatible]. In addition I want to explore the option for push-based messaging through Firebase. I haven’t yet tried doing all this with a new app from scratch, but I want to make sure that the update will be able to be applied to devices that have already installed the released version of the app. Thanks for any help you can give.

What version of Android is your phone?

My version of Android is 6.0.1

A separate issue, I’ve duplicated the initial app and changed the package name to at least try and test analytics with a new app. Changing the package name of course means I need a new Firebase JSON and I got that warning when I went to build the app. Instead of creating a new Firebase JSON I decided to delete the Firebase part from the analytics thinking that would work in the short term. But I still got an error message saying the Firebase didn’t match. To my surprise when I looked at the project folder in Windows Explorer a folder called Firebase was still there complete with JSON and a folder called Analytics with inside it a ‘fb1’ folder and JSON file was still there. I decided to take the risk to delete those and get a different message when building the app “Import a Firebase config file”. So I’m going to create a new Firebase config file, but it seems that removing Firebase from the analytics settings with the app builder is not enough.