Amharic layer is not available

Amharic keyboard does not work after installing Keyman. Only Latin letters are entered instead of Amharic letters.
I have to use the Amharic Windows layout (Keyman does not help), but it does not work well and in a regular notepad it freezes as the Amharic text is typed.
Why doesn’t Keyman work with Amharic keyboard?

My system: Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19042.1466]
Keyboard: Russian-English

What Amharic keyboard are you trying to use?

I’ve tested this Amharic keyboard, and it works for me. I can type it in Notepad,

Please ensure that the keyboard icon reflect the keyboard you select (see the screenshot below).

Hello Makara! :grinning: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
I use Keyman. I tried again. Now works in Notepad. I can name folders in Amharic on my desktop.
But why does the scary on-screen Amharic keyboard appear?))

That’s very weird indeed. You should have been able to use the x Botton on the top right to close it.

For further investigation, you can choose to send us a diagnostic report: HOWTO: Send a diagnostic report to Keyman Support.

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