Amharic Keyboard not working with Microsoft Word on Mac

Amharic keyboard is not fully working on Microsoft Word on Macbook Air. Some letters appear but not the full alphabet. Keyman Amharic keyboard works on Pages app but that’s all.

Please advise on how I can fix this please.

Hi @solo!

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In order to help us trace this issue, we’d like to collect some more data on your system:

  1. Which version of Word (select Word menu/About Microsoft Word)?
  2. The exact version of macOS (Apple menu/About this Mac)?
  3. Which version of Keyman (activate Keyman, and then select Language Picker menu/Keyman/About)?


Hi, thanks for responding.

  1. Microsoft Word Version 16.39
  2. MacOS Catalina 10.15.7
  3. Keyman Version 13.0.101

Hi @solo , that is very frustrating :cry: I updated both Word and MacOS recently and I’m not having issues on my side. These are my versions:

  1. Microsoft Word Version 16.42 (20101102)
  2. MacOS Catalina 10.15.7
  3. Keyman Version 13.0.100

@dyacob, have you tried it on Keyman 13.0.101?

@makara, I’ve just installed 13.0.101 now and it appears to work just fine with my Chrome and MS Office apps. Two minor issues though:

  1. The copyright date should be updated from 2019 to 2020:

  1. The “About > Configuration > Support” link leads to a “Page not found” error:

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@dyacob, Thank you for the prompt response and reported issue. I have created a bug report for that here: It’ll be fixed soon.

The topic is now marked as “Resolved,” for the issue in question does not exist any longer.

I’m not sure this issue was resolved?

The issue in question is not there now per this confirmation.

The two minor issues reported are not related and have been reported on GH.

Yes, but that report came from @dyacob, not the original issue reporter @solo. @dyacob was never able to reproduce the issue in the first place :slight_smile:

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Unmarked as “resolved” for now.

FWIW, since Friday I’ve updated to MacOS Big Sur (version 11.0.1), and continuing with the Keyman Version 13.0.101, I have not encountered any issues.