AltGr does not function with Lenovo

Hi there,
with my new Win 10 Laptop AltGr G does not function any more to switch to Galaxie Greek. I downloaded keyman and the keyboards just a few days ago.

Thank you in advance!

Welcome to the community.

AltGr G may conflict with the shortcut key combo of other apps or Windows itself.

You may try configure the hotkey to be “Ctrl G” or “Ctrl Shift G”.

It’s also possible that the hotkey has not been configured yet? See How To - Set Hotkeys for Keyman Desktop, Keyman Keyboards and Windows Languages for details on how to configure the hotkey.

Dear makara,
dear Marc,

thank you for your little, but warm welcome, and your answers!
Indeed makara’s suggestion opened a door to the solution - even though a hidden one:
I changed to “CTRL G” within the configuration tool - and now “ALTGR G” functions :wink:

I think, the problem is related to the phenomenon, that some Lenovo Laptops have misfunctional keyboard. I already had come to know that FN and Left CTRL are interchanged - and if you google it, as I said, there are some people with that problem.

But in the present case, there seems to be an additional interplay of keyman with the Lenovo keyboard - since outside keyman right CTRL and ALTGR works normal, as far as I can say.

So thank you, my problem is solved. Where can I mark this - or will a moderator do this? And can I subsequently change the topic and add “with Lenovo”? I think that might be helpful if some Lenovo user had the same “creative” keyboard than my laptop. Or add tags? For this I found no possibility too, so in both cases it would be your turn.

Kind regards, Jörg

Hi Jörg. Glad that it works, and sorry to hear that your built-in keyboard is not working as expected.

You can mark this as resolved using the dropdown menu called “optional tags” after clicking on the “edit the title…”. I’ll mark this issue as resolved for you for now. :slight_smile: