Alternative to RAB or SAB?

Could anyone recommend a good alternative to the Reader App Builder or the Scripture App Builder for Windows 10. Neither will work on my computer.
Have been trying to work through the issue under the topic of “RAB will not Launch” without success.
Need to move forward.


There are a lot of other tools around but they require coding skills. Getting one of the App Builders to work is still much easier.

One option is to generate all your content in HTML and build a hybrid app with Cordova. But just getting the HTML right and the navigation is a ton of work. I have done this setting up several projects and build over ten different apps.

There may be some online tools that have less coding but they come at a price.

Thank you for this input, Ian. I read a few other postings as well.
Yes, I do prefer to stay with RAB since I know that one already and it was working just fine before the upgrades. Some of this stuff is over my head so it’s probably best I be patient a bit longer and trust that help is on it’s way.

Hi Chris,
One of the things that has helped me to have a clean install, and yes beforehand I did have some problems, I’m thinking even the one you mentioned - is to install the RAB programme last. That is, install the JDK kit, then the SDK kit and then RAB (and/or SAB). Try that and see if it clears up your problem.

Thank you for this, Jon. Finally getting back to this.
Tried your advice but RAB will still not launch. So I guess SAB it will have to be. Thankful there is at least another option.
Bugs me because there has to be a solution :slight_smile: