Allow user to determine length of recording

This may be just Philippines related, but could affect other situations too.

For official purposes, Filipinos use their middle initial when writing their names. E.g. Loreta G. Barboza. The period/full stop follows the initial. On the cover page (and anywhere else where they have their name), it would appear as “written by Loreta G. Barboza”

But when it is recorded, Bloom splits the line after the middle initial, leaving the surname to be recorded alone. (Bloom sees it as two sentences). As a result, the full name recording doesn’t flow as well as it would if it was recorded together.

It would be helpful if users could determine how much text is recorded in one block. E.g. to record two blocks of text (sentences) together, so that this complete line is recorded together.

In 4.4, the user can turn off “Record by Sentences” which will allow the user to record whole text boxes. Does that solve the issue?

Thanks Andrew.

In this case, the text is on the front cover and within one text box (e.g. Written by Loretta G. Barboza) so turning off the “record by sentence” should work. (We are using 4.4, so I’ll suggest to the group when I see them again next week).

But there may be other situations where there’s a lot of text in the box and the user doesn’t want to record everything together, but some sentences should be together.

BTW, I did ask John H about this first and he suggested I create a feature request.


Oops. I just remembered you can’t turn off “record by sentence” for front/back matter pages. Sorry!

OK, then this is also a feature request to turn off “record by sentence” on the front/back matter.