Allow text to be seen when previewing books regardless of the collection language

Often I have a collection open that is in the vernacular and then I want to go down into the “Sources for New Shells” section and peruse for a book that I would like to create in the open vernacular collection. When I am perusing through the different books below, I often click on a book and look at the preview that comes up so I can see what’s in the book, what the reading level is, etc… However, if the language of the previewed book is not the same as the language of my open collection, the preview won’t show me the text, only the pictures in the preview. So I can’t see what the reading level is or what the context of the text is. In order to get around this, I have to either change the language in the open collection to match the previewed collection, or I have to open the collection of every book that i would like to preview. Needless to say, neither of these options is ideal.

Could you make it so that the text of any previewed book will show up in the preview window regardless of what language it is in or what language the open collection is in?