Allow Someone to See (But Not Edit) Your Dictionary Data

Language Forge has 4 roles defined. They are Observer, Observer with Comment, Contributor and Manager in order of increasing privilege. The Observer role allows you to give read access to your dictionary without giving them the ability to make changes or comment. Here’s how to allow someone to view your dictionary:

  1. As a project manager, open your project and choose User Management in the Settings menu:

  1. In the User Management area, click “Add Members”:


  1. Type in the email address of the person you want to invite:


The button will change to “Send Email Invite” if the email address is not in our system. If the email matches an existing user, you can select them from the results list. Click “Send Email Invite.”

The new user will receive an invitation email. When they register with Language Forge, their name will show up in the list of users. Change their role to “Observer”


Users who are Observers on a project will not be able to modify any fields. They can still browse and search for entries however.