Allow for a logo

Allow for a logo on credits page and elsewhere

We are forming a group to take responsibility for publishing a number of books in Bloom (in the nlv language). It would be useful to be able to insert a logo as an image file when publishing these, e.g. on the credits page, or on the back cover. Maybe it’s already possible to do this, but I haven’t been able to figure out how.

Hi David,
Adding new branding option is something that we do for you, and which then ships with the next release of the product. That does mean that you have to give us some lead time before you have to have it in user’s hands. There is no charge for SIL-related branding.


Thanks, John! (And hi — many years have flown by!)

Our team have not finalized the logo, so this is for the future
sometime. How does the branding process work? I had just thought to
include a graphic like a picture on a regular page, but I can see where
that might open doors for a lot of irrelevant stuff too.

—David Tuggy

Hi David,
You can try out the existing branding packs by selecting one in Settings:Book Making.:Branding. Most commonly, organizations have wanted their logo at the bottom of the title page. We can also place one on the credits page and the back cover. These are normally “png” files (not jpeg). They can also be “SVG” files. You’ll have to decide to go with color or gray scale.


Hi all,
I found a hack, to set up branding, to test, and while we get organized enough to request an official branding.
Go to this folder:

(Note: *** is your username. the xxx is the actual version number of Bloom you are using; I never use the official released version of Bloom, so your app path might differ.)

I copied the Default folder in there and named it YPMD (our local organization). I then got versions of YPMD’s logo and gave them the name “back-cover-outside.png”; “back-cover-outside.svg”; “credits-page.svg”; and “title-page.svg”

Started Bloom, went to the Settings option; the Book Making page, and selected YPMD from the “Branding” dropdown list. Bloom restarted and now our books have the YPMD logo. Excellent!

I assume this hack will be blown away whenever Bloom updates, and I’ll need to keep pasting the folder in the correct place each time, but for now it gives us a chance to test the look.

NOTE: I’ve no idea which version of the image is used (PNG or SVG), but SVG usually scales better (as it is “scalable”) so one would hope Bloom would default to that if it is available.

To the Bloom team,
I suspect as our organization moves to being seconded to local MTT organizations around the world, there will be a huge increase in the need for local “branding”. This is certainly true in our area. So, it would be a great to make this doable from within the app (like under Branding, select New…). In this dialog the user ticks where all they want the branding (Front Cover, Back Cover, Title Page, Credits Page) and then supplies the SVG file and/or PNG file.

How you maintain this across updates… I’m hoping you have an idea.
Hmm… I suppose there needs to be a “vetting”, or some means of authorization for the branding (so it is done by one person, not everybody in the area).

BTW, I like how Bloom allows for each collection of books to have its own branding. This allows us to work with YPMD books, but to also have collections of our own, which don’t have the YPMD branding. But I don’t see a way to have NO Branding. (I suppose it doesn’t hurt to have the “Bloom” logo on the back by default, but for those not aware of what that English “Bloom - Let’s grow a library” is talking about, it seems out of place; unless there was an easy way to localize it.)

Anyway, for testing purposes, the above hack works for us.

BUT, I would like to know if there is a way to show a larger logo on the back cover and smaller on the credits page. (Yeah, we users are so picky!)

Hi, John,

I guess this is what we want, then. I looked at a couple of the branding
packages like you suggested, and guess I understand what’s happening. We
seem to have settled on a logo, and I could send that to you whenever
would be appropriate. I can make it into a png; is there an ideal size I
should shoot for? (The logo is an oblong shape, pretty much. I think we
would like it both on the title page and on the back cover.

I don’t know if this is SIL-related branding. I as a member of
SIL-México am part of this team, but it is quite independent of SIL
other than that.

—David T

Hi David,
What’s your original format? If you happen to have svg, send us that and we’ll do the rest. Otherwise, keep it to 500 pixels high, and whatever width that comes out to. Please send to to get into our work queue.


This conversation continued offline. Bloom 3.9 now has the new “ToMasewalTlahtol” branding pack.