Allow changing book filenames

My understanding is that currently the title of the files related to a book is automatically the same as the title on the cover page. Often that is appropriate, but sometimes it is not helpful. We have adapted the series of Joseph stories, and the names come out like Yosef okinmonextilih ikniwan, Ikniwan Yosef okinemakakeh, Yosef okitenextilih ikochtemikilis Faraon, etc. It would be a lot more helpful if we could name them Yosef - 1, Yosef - 2, Yosef - 3, etc. Other books would be easier to find if we had a different filename than the title.

This request could perhaps be merged with “Option to use national language for filenames”?

I’m going to merge in the comments from “Option to use national language for filenames” into here, as this one is more general.

The script used for our local/vernacular language is not well-supported when used in filenames in some Windows systems and/or applications; can you add an option to Bloom to use the national language (rather than the vernacular language) for file/directory names on a per-collection basis?

Even if different scripts are not involved, teachers or others involved in managing resources for more than one language should be able to quickly recognize titles of books translated/produced in more than one language. Some control over Bloom file naming conventions would be very helpful: At least, providing an optional naming option something like, “[iso]-ShellNameInLWC” would be very helpful.

Perhaps the ability to choose L2 or L3 as the filename, with a ref. to the L1 (target) language would be feasible?

Sorry, there was a mixup on this, it got confused with another issue.

We just held a workshop with 10 languages, goal of translating 56 Bloom books into each for early readers. Now we have 10 x 50 stories that need post-processing. The only way we have of identifying each story is with a spreadsheet containing the English and vernacular story names. This is difficult, especially for the team that will convert each print-format book into an ebook.

Please, we really need a way for non-language techs doing post-workshop processing to ID books without creating and referring to a spreadsheet. This type of mass production and multiple-format conversion is going to happen often, I’m sure.

I really would like to see this feature in Bloom! I need it to distinguish different formats of the same book, like “A5Potrait” and “Device16x9”. I also don’t like it that when I duplicate a book, Bloom just adds “Copy” to the book name (which, by the way, is NOT part of the book title; so there must be a way already to have book names in collection view that are different from the titles).

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Thanks @Rainer_Oetzel. Even though we haven’t done this yet, it’s helpful to be reminded that you are waiting for it.

+1 here too! Thanks, John

Can this apply to default filenames of pdf outputs, too? If so, I’d change my vote from my post about that to this request. (If I even actually voted for that; I can’t seem to see where my votes have been spent. :man_shrugging: )

@Bruce_Beatham yeah, this would give you the different PDF name as well.

Yes!! Totally agree!!! And a way to distinguish them on as well!

Me too!!! I have this same issue with differently-formated books.

This is coming in Bloom 5.1.

Here it is running in Bloom 5.1 alpha:

This has shipped in Bloom 5.1 beta.