Allow access to context menu without left-clicking first

When trying to access the context menu for many items across RAB and SAB, one must first left click on the item, and then right click on it. I would love to be able to just right-click and go straight to the context menu.

Three places where I see this issue are:

  • When selecting a book in the Book Collection tab (to Update from Original Source, for example)
  • When selecting a color in the Main Colors tab (to reset the setting, for example)
  • When selecting a style in the User Interface Styles tab (to reset the setting, for example)

Also, I notice that if I left click on one item and then right-click on a different item, I do get a context menu over that second item, but it edits the first (selected) item.

Please allow these improvements for RAB and SAB.

Thanks so much!