After installing Keyman for macOS, Keyman is unavailable (grayed out)

For most macOS users, after Keyman is installed, it immediately becomes available on the Input Methods menu. Occasionally, however, it will appear grayed out, so it cannot be selected as the current input method. If this happens, please try restarting your computer. Most of the time this solves the problem. if you continue to have problems, please post a message here on the community forum, with as much information as possible, to request help. Your request for help should include:

  1. Information about the hardware (kind of computer) where you installed Keyman.
  2. Version of macOS you are currently using.
  3. Version of Keyman for macOS you installed.
  4. If you installed Keyman with a bundled keyboard, which keyboard did you download.
  5. Indicate if you got Keyman from some source other than a direct download from
  6. Indicate whether this is a new Keyman installation or an upgrade from a previous version.
  7. Any other relevant details that might help someone diagnose the problem.

Do NOT include:

  1. Sensitive data. This is a public forum.
  2. Unrelated information about other problems you are having with other software, etc.