Advice on installing Adobe Acrobat Reader

In a number of workshops I’ve encountered problems when first attempting to publish a Bloom book (either no PDF displayed or an error message). As these seemed to be related to the PDF reader already installed, I now make a point of installing the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader before launching Bloom for the first time. My experience this week with the latest version of Acrobat (2022.003.20282) and Bloom (5.2.3) is that after installing Acrobat Reader it is essential to first launch the Acrobat Reader program and set it to be the default PDF reader. Some laptops have also presented users with questions about Reading Order options (which I can’t replicate on my own laptop) but I don’t know if that is relevant.

Is there any advice on the value of installing a PDF reader separately from the Bloom installation and, if so, which version is recommended and are there settings that will ensure successful publishing in Bloom on first use?