Advice on creating keyboard shortcut to toggle

between Apple english us keyboard and, eg, Gentium Plus PorCircPor Regular? Keyboard Maestro seems to only see the Keyman Installer, no Keyman application or utility per se… I’m hoping not to have to try the mouse-to-image route… Thanks as always - JM

Hi @Ejspark, which operating system are you using – Windows, macOS, Linux? I’m not sure what Keyboard Maestro is?

Mac Os 12.6 Monterey.
Keyboard Maestro is a mac centric macro creation tool, over the top flexible. With it one CAN instruct the computer to click on a predefined image, icon etc, but I switch often between my laptop and a full screen and I’m anticipating there being glitches with such an approach…
Any ideas? Thanks — JM

Okay, I understand now. Currently this is unsupported in Keyman. We are tracking this as a future feature at

Ok got it. So there’s no distinguishing the app from the app installer? If I could somehow call the app per se instead of the installer I might be able to kludge it via some kind of script. Thanks again – JM

No, the installer is a separate script. is added to ~/Library/Input Methods. But it presents as an input method, so is added to the input method list by macOS, so I am not sure if that will help much.

Ok got it. Thanks again. As per the git hub thread turns out you can add a shortcut natively via the keyboard settings on Mac OS.