Adjusting Part of Speech format on app made with LIFT file

I have a dictionary app built from a LIFT file that shows the part of speech (POS) as a full English word, like “Noun”, “Adjective”, “Transitive verb”. What if I want to use another language, or an abbreviated form? Those various forms are defined in the LIFT.lift-ranges file (there is a tag <range id="grammatical-info">, with <range-element> entries under it, as exported from the category editor in FLEx), and there are pointers within the LIFT file to that lift-ranges file. Is there any way in DAB to select a different format or language for that POS field? My guess is no - that it doesn’t actually parse the lift-ranges file - but I thought I would ask.

I’m already doing some parsing of the LIFT file with a Python script, so I can make some additional manual adjustments to make the POS in the format required.

I’m not aware of any way to do that for LIFT files in DAB. For a DAB app I always go for the full form as abbreviations are for print where space costs money. I do understand you wanting another language form of the POS though.

I’d use an XSLT transformation to do the changes. But I don’t have one for that. I do have one to add a Semantic Domain tab.