Adding pictures and sound to subset of words in Language Forge

So I am new to Language Forge, but know about FLEX and Webonary. My question: is this an easy way to add pictures and sound to my FLEX database? For instance to make a subset of my dictionary with all the musical instruments (words in orthography and glosses), and then share that and have someone on the field add a picture and a recording?

The short answer is yes.

How to add a sound file?

  1. Go to the desired lexicon entry.  In the Insert menu, click Sound or Movie.  Navigate to the sound file and select it. Select Copy File.
  2. You can play sound file from the lexicon entry.

How to add pictures?

  1. Go to the desired lexicon entry. In Entry pane, click the Sense 1 field label.  In the Insert menu, click Picture.  Navigate to the picture/image file and select it.
  2. In the Picture Properties dialog box, select Copy to Linked Files folder and enter text in Caption textbox. Click OK.

Kent Schroeder
Language Technology Consultant/ LTU Admin Assistant

SIL Anglo-Lusophone Africa / SIL Language Technology Use Dept

Waxhaw NC 28173


Thanks, I will try it out