Adding Language ID afterward - Keyman developer crashes at startup after changing kps

When I first created the keyboard project, I forget to enter the Language ID.
I wanted to add it afterward and changed the kps file to paste the line Kru languages from a working keyboard.
But since then Keyman Developer (15.0.270) crashes each time it starts with the following error (even if I remove the added line in the kps file)
Details for error report for Keyman app:
Application Identifier: tike-15.0.270
Error Identifier: 551169424FA946EDAE3E9ACF9D25CEC7
How could I solve this (reinstalling Keyman Developer does not help)? Thanks

You may not have “pasted” all the important opening and closing lines…like:

        <Language ID="xxx">LangName</Language>

Maybe you should delete the line you pasted in and then add the language through the Keyman developer UI. That is a much safer method to do it. Do it by going into Keyman Developer project, open the .kps file and go to the “Keyboards” tab to add the language.

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Thanks, Lorna,
I indeed had a typo in the xml tag.
Now the issue is solved

Thank you for reporting this. I’m tracking the crash report at It’s very impolite of Keyman Developer to crash and I’m sorry it did so. We’ll get it fixed.

A fix is in the pipeline for this crash; we’ll make it available in Keyman Developer 16. Indications are that it is relatively rare so we probably won’t back-port it to Keyman Developer 15.