Adding extra options within Leveled readers

Request from a user:

In leveled readers, the number of sentence per page and the number of pages per book are listed in “things to remember”.

It would be helpful if these can be set for each level (in the same way as maximum words per sentence, pages etc is set), instead of just showing as things to remember.

Also, is it possible to automatically include the level number on the cover of the book?

I agree.

It would also be nice to include maximal number of syllables per word.

I agree with Kent’s comment on number of syllables (or alternatively something similar which may be easier to get Bloom to check like character limit to words).

I think number of words per page or pages per book would be fine to add as a feature, but equally I think it’s ok under ‘things to remember’, and you might not want to have too many options for people to choose from, so I’m more neutral on that.

@Kent_Schroeder & @Pete_Phillips Please go ahead and make a new Feature Request for that. We use these posts as a kind of “TODO”, and having more than one task makes it impossible to finish any of them unless we finish all of them.


@Liz_Pfeifer We’ve implemented the limit on the number of sentences. Would you mind splitting off your other request for a limit on the number of pages to a separate Feature Request so that we can mark this one as DONE? Might seem like a small thing but it’s a huge help to us to be able to have just one request per post so that we can more easily track what needs to be done.


Sorry it took a while, but I’ve now split off the request.

Thanks Liz!

John Hatton