Add text box on image

We have a user who is creating a book in Bloom where she has added multiple text boxes on an image (with the new feature just released).

(It is a picture of a body, with text boxes for each body part in the local language).

During testing in our Bloom workshop session today, the text box appears as just the text, but this Book, borders appear on any of the boxes she adds.

We can’t find an option to change the format (e.g. Borders) of these boxes.

Why do the boxes have borders, when the ones we added today (in a different book) don’t? Is there something she has changed?


I don’t know of any reason text-on-picture images should have a box around them, unless they are overflowing (more text than will fit), when Bloom turns the text red and puts a red box around it.

It’s just possible, if she started from an old Bloom book, that she is applying a style to the block which has an (obsolete) border format setting. If Bloom doesn’t automatically clean this out, I think it will if you modify the style in any way…failing that, delete the style and make a new one.

It’s also possible that there’s something that accounts for it in customBookStyles.css or customCollectionStyles.css.

If none of those ideas helps, please report this as a bug and include a sample book that has the problem.