Add fonts to leveling standards?

Hi, many countries have existing font and point size standards for different grade levels. Any way you could add a feature to the ‘set up levels’ menu to lock in fonts and sizes to the leveling standards, so when distributed as a Bloom pack, this is automatic? Thank you.

That’s an interesting suggestion. I’ll leave it up to the developers to consider that for the Bloom wish list.

You may know this, but others may not — the way one does that currently is to create a Leveled Reader Template that is distributed by a Reader Template Bloom Pack. That process will lock the formatting you specified in the master template. You set up the levels as they are now configured, then create a “Reader Template” starting from the Leveled Reader Template in the Sources for New Books.

In that Reader Template, set the font and font size (and line spacing, etc.) for the Normal style. Select the appropriate level in the Leveled Reader Tool. Label the Reader Template for its level (typically by giving it a title that indicates what it is, or using the text box at the bottom of the cover).

When you create a Reader Template Bloom Pack, Bloom locks the formatting. That way, it will be set for writers who use the template as their book source.

@paul_frank I think you understand @Ari_Katz as suggesting something different than what we already have. Could you or Air explain what more is desired? Thanks.

I do understand that Ari is asking to lock the formatting to the level itself, not just to a template. I think that may be too restrictive and I would want to see if the format locking a reader template does is sufficient for the need. That way different formatting could be used for a level, if appropriate under some circumstances, without changing the language setup.