Add Find/Replace functionality

This is a feature request from a translation consultant in DR Congo:

Fred and I just finished up a 9-day Story of Kande workshop, led by a lady from Wycliffe Germany. The two books in the curriculum (student book and teacher book) were made using Bloom.

After observing the translators using Bloom, we have a suggestion:

Would it be possible to add a search/replace function to Bloom? This would have been very helpful to the translation teams.

  • For example, the team I was working with had translated the Kande story into the Kobo language and had put all the text into Bloom. On the first day of the workshop, the lady leading things suggested they change the names in the story to typical names from their language communities. There was no way to do this easily; they had to change each name every time it occurred.
  • Or as another example, I wanted to verify that the same wording was used each time a certain sub-title occurred in the teacher book. There was no way to easily locate the sub-titles to compare them.
  • Another example: in the coming months, the translated books will be tested in the community. If it’s decided that different phrasing should be used for a certain concept (like the HIV virus, for example), there will be no simple way to make this change throughout the books. We think a search/replace function would be a great addition to Bloom.