Add audio to your project

Before You Start

  • To add an audio file to a field such as Word, the field needs to have an Audio Input System assigned to it.
  • If your project doesn’t have the needed Audio Input System add it first.
  • At this time, audio in the Pronunciation field does not sync with FLEx. (Although we hope to make this work in a future version)

Add an Audio Input System

  1. In your project, click Settings (image icon) and select Configuration.

  2. Click Input Systems tab.

  3. If the language already exists select it, then click More and select Add Voice.

  4. If the language doesn’t exist, add the language (click New), then in Special select Voice.

  5. Change the Display Abbreviation to identify it in the Dictionary Editor.

  6. Click Apply. You can can do this later if you are making more changes.

Assign the Audio Input System to a Field

  1. As of Language Forge v 1.3.10 there is a bug where a new Input System doesn’t show up in the Fields tab. To work around this simply click Apply then refresh the browser tab (F5 or Ctrl + R).

  2. Click Fields tab.

  3. Select the field such as Word to assign the Audio Input System to, then in the right pane under Input Systems check the Audio Input System.

  4. Repeat step 3 for any other fields as needed.

  5. Click Apply.

  6. Click back to the Dictionary Editor. image

Adding Audio

  1. In the Dictionary Editor, select an entry from the word list.
  2. In the right pane there are now Audio Input Systems for each field assigned in the section above.
  3. Click image to upload an audio file.