Add audio playback controls in notification bar and lock screen

Hello RAB and SAB developers,

Thank you for making such amazing tools.

This feature request is to add audio playback controls in notification bar and lock screen.

My use case is that my hymnal app has 107 songs, and so the app can be used as a media player, playing it’s way through the whole hymnal. Currently, if I need to stop the audio quickly, I need to unlock my phone, navigate to the app, and press pause.

Being able to pause and skip forward and backward from the lock screen and from the notification bar would be a huge help.

Even for users without so much audio, such a tool would be quite helpful. The screen may time-out before playback is finished, or a parent may work on other tasks with her phone while letting her child listen to the book.

Thank you so much for considering this feature.


This feature is on our To Do list. Thanks.

Awesome! :smiley: Thanks so much!