Add ɏ as special character in Bloom

Currently if a user wants to type ¥ (Y with double line), they need to copy from Word or enter it using Keyman. (it’s part of Phil Unicode keyboard).
Is it possible to include it in Bloom so users can just hold down Y and it can be easily selected.

As that is the symbol for Yen (Japanese currency), you can access it in Bloom by holding down $ (Shift-4).


Thanks Andrew.
Although the request was for ¥ and the person confirmed this when I asked him, the one actually needed is ɏ (lower case with just one line).
Can this be added? Also there may be a few other characters needed. Can we request those be added?

No guarantees, but if you get me the list soon, I should be able to get them into 4.2.

I added ɏ and Ɏ.
While I was in there, I went ahead and added superscript and subscript numbers as I know some use these for tone markings.

These changes will be in the next beta (4.2.108+).

Please let me know what else is needed.