Adapt-It suffixes

Hi, I’m trying to get an Adapt-It project set up and have some difficulties.
My source language has a word ‘yom’ that becomes a suffix in the target language ‘-yo’. I thought I might be able to use “Consistent Changes” for this, but am failing to get results. I know that I can select multiple words and essentially make a phrase out of it, but that requires a lot of double-entry and seems unnecessarily inelegant.
Any help?
TIA, Reuben

Hi Reuben,
Sorry for the delay, I’ve not be tracking this forum recently. Most people use the email address in the About Adapt It (AI’s Help menu) dialog, and to send me an email directly. I’m glad to hear you are trying to use Adapt It. Sadly, if elegance is your must have, then you are out of luck. To handle this kind of issue, it requires a merger to make the phrase. Yes, it means that each time that yom in the source occurs with another (different) word, you’d have to make that a new merger. Each such merger will put a unique entry in the knowledge base. Will that be inefficient? Not at all. KB entries are stored by hashing, so access is constant in time taken to grab it, and very quick. The good thing is that most certainly (I hope) yom does not occur with a huge inventory of the source text’s words! So after a while, your need to make a new merger of that type should drop off quickly. Cheers --Bruce
Hi again, just in case you are not highly savvy about Adapt It yet… Each time you make a new merger with “sourceword yom” becoming “sourcewordyo”, and it goes into the knowledge base, you never need to type that combination again. Even if the combination occurs a 1000 times later on, AI will recreate the merger and auto-insert it into you document for you. If in the source documents, 50 different words occur preceding yom, you’ll generate 50 mergers to deal with that combination. After you’ve got them all in the KB, you’ll never have to deal with that combo again.
Hope you understand. --Bruce