Adapt-It for BLOOM

We will soon be near the end of Massive Push#1 in one language, and looking down the road to the next language. Adapt-it for BLOOM could be VERY helpful!!!

Bethann Carlson

Could you provide a little more detail? You would like to essentially integrate the Adapt-It UI and engine into Bloom?
Out of curiosity, is it currently possible to compose your stories in Adapt-It and copy them page by page into Bloom?

My thought is that it would be very time consuming to copy text out of bloom page-by-page, run it through adapt-it, then re-paste it back into a new book. Probably not worth the effort? I may try that eventually though.

I have never actually used Adapt-It. Maybe someone who has would have a thought?

It might be quicker to export a BLOOM book to Word, deleting the pictures, use AdaptIt and re-paste into a BLOOM book. Perhaps i’ll try that…eventually.

Yes, I was envisioning an integrated Adapt-It. Perhaps it would not be workable to do that?