Accounting for different orthographies?

How would we account for different orthographies in our project?

In Lakota, we have probably 10 different orthographies in play and would like to account for atleast a handful of them.


In WeSay terminology, different orthographies are “Input Systems”. To introduce another orthography, in the WeSay Configuration Tool, go to Input Systems. Under each language in your project, you will see "Add other input systems for " (3). You will then need to come up with an abbreviation to mark fields that should contain this orthography (4), and enter a variant code that distinguishes the new input system from the standard one (5). If you’re using a completely different script as well, then there is a box for that (6).

Once you have all the orthographies listed, then you can move to the “Fields” tab and tell WeSay which input systems to use for which fields.

OK? That should get you started. Let us know if you get stuck.