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About Keyman

Keyman makes it easy to create and use keyboard layouts for any language. It has a catalogue of existing keyboard layouts and tools to help you create your own. Help documentation also available at help.keyman.com.

What Belongs Here

This forum is a place where we can help and encourage each other with everything related to Keyman. Ask a Question if anyone knows a work-around for a bug that is seriously impeding your work.

Bugs/Issues can be reported here. Please follow these guidelines to help our developers reproduce your issue.

If there’s a sensitivity or privacy concern about your issue, then send the @keyman group a private Message.

Better Sent Elsewhere

Consider sending keyboard development questions to Stack Overflow (Include at least the [keyman] tag on your question). Stack Overflow has a far wider community of developers.

Guidelines To Create a Useful Topic

The more information that you can include when you are experiencing an issue with Keyman, the easier it will be for others to assist you. Make sure you include:

  • the language you are working with
  • the keyboard layout you are using
  • the type of device
  • version of the operating system
  • version of the Keyman application or app you are using.

Don’t include private or personal details: this forum is public.

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