About embedding use in a non-extractable form in mobile apps

Hello. I have 2 questions about SIL Open Font License.

  1. About FAQ Q1.11 : https://scripts.sil.org/cms/scripts/page.php?item_id=OFL-FAQ_web#e6faa5ad
    If I embed fonts in an mobile app rather than in a document in a difficult-to-extract form, does that mean “embedding” here?

  2. Is the following use allowed?

  • Fonts are embedded in the app in a non-extractable form
  • Users can purchase in-app currency for a fee
  • Users will be able to fonts by consuming in-app currency

Thank you!

Hi - sorry for the delayed reply - I’ve been away for a few weeks.

That does not sound like embedding. It is just distributing the font with your app, which is allowed under the OFL. It is also OK to sell the font with in-app currency. You do not need to do anything more unless you have changed the font.

If the font has a Reserved Font Name (RFN) you will need to be careful about the font name. If you change a font with an RFN, including the format, then you will need to change the font name. It can be confusing to know when a name change is necessary. The following doc should help.


Hope that helps!