About box - HTML works better in DAB version 3.01 than 3.1

I’m a novice with HTML but have been trying to get the About box to show what I want. I thought it was problems with my coding, but have recently discovered that on an old computer with DAB 3.01 the app ‘about box’ compiles fine, but on my newer computer with DAB 3.1 the ‘about box’ still has formatting problems e.g. text colours, email addresses and hyperlink headers don’t display properly. I can send screenshots or apks off-list if needed. Thanks.

In the next month DAB should be updated and the HTML handling will be like that found in Reading App Builder: http://software.sil.org/downloads/r/readingappbuilder/Reading-App-Builder-02-Building-Apps.pdf
pages 18-20.

So HTML support is limited but also links are in Markdown style.

We are planning to have this out by the end of November.

Thanks Ian. Hmm, that makes me consider maybe waiting another month or so before releasing my dictionary app. Do you have a list of other main things that the new DAB release will include?


Hi, is there any update on a release date for this? Many thanks

It is pushed back to 4 Jan 2019.