Ability to 'remember' style choices with a specific page format

Bloom is worth every penny just for it’s ability to transform books to different page formats.


We have a collection of books that we use in A5 Portrait as well as A6 Portrait.
Even though it’s really simple to transform the book from A5 to A6 Portrait, here’s the list of things we manually need to change to get the books ready;

  1. Cover Title: Change title from 26pt to 18pt
  2. Title Page: Change from 11pt to 9pt.
  3. Normal font: Change from 14pt to 10pt.
  4. Bubble: Change from 14pt to 10pt.
  5. Credits: Change from 10pt to 8pt.

It would be great if Bloom could ‘remember’ style choices for specific page formats, because doing this on collections of 40 books, well …

Thanks for considering,

On behalf of the EFL team,


I would find this useful, too. One thing I could do would be to create two CustomBookStyles.css files with the pages sizes as extensions rather than css. Change the extension of the desired size from, say, a5 to css, and that style set will be the active one. But being able to create a suite of styles and choose one of them would be great.