Ability to cut a page and paste it a long way from where it is

In developing books I regularly come across the need to relocate sets of pages from one place in a larger book (primer) to another place. Dragging page by page longer distances doesn’t work so well in Bloom. If I could cut a page and paste it where I want it to go, that would save a lot of time. Dragging it, I would have to drag and drop several times to get it to where it needs to be. Currently I copy it, take it to where I need to paste it, then once it is successfully relocated I go back to the original page and remove it. (There are several screen saves and refreshes in there and that takes a lot of time.)

This might be unique to me and the way I develop books. But if it isn’t, then it might be a good feature to have in Bloom.

Thanks for the suggestion, Glenys. Sounds good. Another way to go about it that we could think about is to have a way to expand that page list pane horizontally, so that you can see many more columns-full of page thumbnails. You’d flick it open somehow when you were doing this task of reordering, then flick it closed.

I would add to this the ability to copy/cut and paste more than one page at a time, either into another position in the same book or into different books.

Some of my primers or topic books are 40 pages so not sure expanding the pane would work as well. Bible study books could be 32 pages or so.

Copying/cutting more than one page at a time would be fabulous but didn’t suggest it as it may be too complicated for the programmer?

What about moving the whole book to a different collection in a set of levelled readers ? Is that possible?

@jillk To move a book between collections, do this:

  1. In the collections tab, right click on the book you want to move
  2. Choose Open Folder on Disk
  3. That will show you the folder in the Windows File Explorer
  4. Cut that folder
  5. Go into the folder of the collection where you want it to be
  6. Paste
  7. In Bloom, switch to the target collection and you should see it there.

Thank you very much for this quick reply. Fantastic. It took a while, but I’ve got it! It’s a case of learning to work outside Bloom as well as inside. Until now, I still find MS Publisher an easier and more flexible programme to use to create a book, but Bloom was chosen for this project.
Sorry, but here are three more Bloom questions:

  1. How can I change the page numbers to bottom middle, instead of outside corners? The outside right-hand number gets cut off when I “publish” in Bloom and select “actual size” to print to my HP printer, and the gutter moves if I select “shrink” or “fit”. (Although it prints OK on “actual” on a Canon printer. I just want to be sure that whoever receives it will be able to print it with the page numbers.)
  2. How can I increase the amount of material on a page? Half an A5 Bloom page quickly fills up in Andika 28, but with only two short sentences on a half-page, there is a lot of room left on the printed page, in which I would like to add more printed material. But if I add more, Bloom shows an exclamation mark to indicate that the page is overfilled. So how, in fact, can I add more?

Thanks for any help!

@jillk Please go ahead and make new question topics for each question instead of continuing to add to this feature request topic. Thanks

Is there a way of copying pages from books from one collection to another? Based on what I tried so far, I can do it between books within the same collection, but when I go to another collection, the clipboard seems to be wiped (paste is not active).