Ability to copy text from language translation speech bubble

I am attempting to translate from an Indonesian text, but I haven’t set up my collection for the Indonesian language. Therefore all of the words of the story appear in speech bubbles to the side. I am relatively familiar with the story, but I would like to get the advice of google translate in order to help guide my translation. It would be helpful if I could copy the text in the speech bubble in order to paste it into Google translate.

Thanks for the good work.

Hi Luke,
For now, what I would do is this:

  1. In Settings, add Indonesian as one of your 3 languages.
  2. In the Edit Tab, make the book a diglot temporarily by selecting Indonesian from the dropdown in the toolbar at the top. Indonesian will move from the source bubble to the page itself.
  3. Now you can select and copy the Indonesian text.
  4. Later, you can use the same dropdown to send the Indonesian off the page and back into the bubbles.

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