Ability to change color of symbols in App Bar

Thank you for developing and maintaining this amazing tool!

After much troubleshooting, it seems that there is no way to change the color of the symbols that appear in the App Bar. Namly, the hamburger menu, back arrow, drop-down arrows, search button, and font adjustment button (☰ :arrow_left: :arrow_down_small::mag::speaker: ᴀA). I was only able to change the color of the text.

I would like to request being able to change these colors.

If these are static images, maybe a solution is to layer images. Top layer being a “cutout” with transparency, the bottom layer being a square with the desired color?

Otherwise, being able to choose at least between black and white would be helpful.

Because of these limitations, it is not currently possible to have a light color in the app bar. (Unless I am mistaken and missed an option).

On a related note, for the Song Book option, I wasn’t able to change the color of the text on the non-active tabs. It would be great to choose that color too.

And please apply these requests to SAB too. That’s where I spend most of my time.