A6 Landscape Pocket Appointment Scripture Calendar Template

For training purposes, I’d like an A6 Landscape Pocket Appointment Scripture Calendar Template made in Bloom. My Publisher files for this calendar that we’ve used for years are challenging for my Urim PNG co-workers to use, so the goal of training them to independently make the calendars after our involvement in the program is over is hard for them. I would guess that my Publisher files would help a Bloom programmer to create what we’d like. Others here in the PNG Branch like our calendars and are interested in possibly using them in their projects.

If you use the Template Starter, it’s not too difficult to create your own templates.

But then if you’re wanting the calendar pages to generate automatically for a specific year, then that would probably take some programming.

I’ve never heard of the Template Starter and would have to find out how to get started. Is it possible to use the work already done–somehow using our Publisher files? We have a cover file and a different file for the pages.

A programmer made me a calendar page template file in Excel that generated the correct dates for a specific year, but there was a lot that still needed fixing on the template, and he couldn’t spare any more time. So when I started using it anyway with our team, it at least doubled the time/work for the Urim literacy supervisors and I to fix many things before we even got to the starting point to use it for that year. So it would be nice not to have to totally reinvent the wheel, if possible.

With the Publisher files, you may need to just copy and paste text between Publisher and Bloom. Publisher files don’t easy convert to other formats.

The Template Starter is within the Templates section in Bloom. You could use that to setup the layout you want for the pages:


There is an A5 Wall calendar template available, so maybe that could work (i.e. save it as a PDF, then print it on A6 instead).

The Bloom Developers would need to respond about whether other size calendars would be an options.