A3 PORTRAIT size for Bloom

Oh my! I’m finally ready to switch over the last bit of our primer materials to Bloom and just realized there is no A3 Portrait option. I am shocked. I assumed it was there. But of course, I can see why it wouldn’t be used for regular books and that no one has asked for it…yet!

We use A3 Portrait for a book of letter posters. The poster is on front, the teacher’s daily instructions on back. Quite a simple template and very effective. Oh please add this feature. Indonesia is ready for it! I promise we will use it!

~Tara in Indonesia

For these large sizes, we have to disable the booklet printing feature.
Will that be a problem? Otherwise, I think we can add A3 portrait soon.

Thanks!! I’m not exactly sure what the booklet printing is. We would always print front/back A3 size, not a booklet size. Seems like it shouldn’t effect us.


For the books and materials that Tara and the team in Indonesia are producing, it will not be a problem if booklet-printing is disabled for A3 portrait.

Most of their printed materials are just A4 or A3 double-sided.


This is done for 4.6, which is available as in alpha and coming soon to beta.