A Problem in Indesign table

    • “[” > U+0076 U+00FE
    • “Y” > U+00A6 U+00FE
    • ‘"’ > U+00E0 U+00FE

4. + “#” > U+00C5

I want to put this letter jump to previous letter like 1. + U+0076 U+00FE + “#” > U+0076 U+00C5 U+00FE 2. + U+00A6 U+00FE + “#” > U+00A6 U+00C5 U+00FE 3. + U+00E0 U+00FE + “#” > U+00E0 U+00C5 U+00FE

so I decided to short the programing so I jump only the common letter (U+00FE) like

U+00FE + “#” > U+00C5 U+00FE

In this method Its work well
like MS word, or ms word table.

In Indesign plain text its works well but unfortunately in Indesing Table it not works and the entire column or row is remove. Thereafter I notice that the left shift key works well in this method nothing problem but the right sift key not works it removes the whole entire column or row. Now we all know that in typing the “shift + 3” = “#” is usually using right shift for fast typing.

I find to figure out is their any shortcut in indesing table right shift + “#”. But their is no shortcut.

What is the problem I can’t figure out.

Advance Thanking You

Hi Barun,

This does not sound like a problem with one of our fonts. You may want to ask the question in a different forum.

Are these Keyman rules? If so I suggest trying the Keyman forum.