64 bit version for Bloom?

Bloom seems to have a memory problem. I checked in task manager, and I saw that Bloom is 32 bit. I wonder if this could be solved by making Bloom a 64 bit app? Thanks for considering this.

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Hi Ken,
We are aware that Bloom is having memory problems with some books; it’s not yet clear if the problem has gotten worse or if books are just getting bigger. What version are you using?


Hi John, I was using Bloom Alpha 5.0.1340. K

I was using Bloom Alpha 5.0.1340. K

OK, thanks. A reminder that alpha’s are like prescription medicine… they can harm you, so you they should only be used if we prescribe them to you :slight_smile:

But 5.0 and 4.9 basically share the same memory situation at this point. We’re actually delaying releasing 4.9 from beta to “release” until we’ve better characterized the memory situation. We need to make sure that it isn’t worse than 4.8.

Hi John,

Bloom Alpha’s dangers well-noted, LOL. So am I correct in presuming that I can run the stable Bloom and Bloom Alpha concurrently? Thanks for checking into the memory situation. I remember experiencing similar problems with FLEx back in the day.

Best, Ken

Yes, you can have multiple versions of Bloom installed (Release, Beta, Alpha) and therefore available to use, but (of course), you can only run one of them at a given time.