3 keys on mobile not working

I created a modified Cyrillic keyboard and everything works well except for 3 keys: the 3 keys which have 2 characters in the shift layer (pictured here).

The weird thing is that these characters work just fine on the default layer. Only when in shift layer do they not work. I have also provided my code for the characters here:

The other weird thing is that these character combinations work if I put them in a long-press pop-up, so the problem is not necessarily with the code. Please help!

Here is the code (I could only put one photo for some reason.

Welcome! It’s hard to tell for sure without seeing all the code, but my suspicion is that when you have the key selected in Touch Layout mode, you might need to change the “Modifier” selection. I think it should be “default” rather than “(current layer)”.

That worked! Thanks so much for the quick reply!

The alternative is to keep the default modifier for the keys and change the rules to use SHIFT, because the keys are on the shift layer, which is associated with the SHIFT modifier:

+ [SHIFT T_1009] > U+041B U+044A