14.0.279 Win10 SHIFT issue

I am using Keyman 14.0.279 on a Win10 system.
When Keyman is activated, it disables the right SHIFT key. I.e., the right SHIFT key no longer does anything.
This occurs with any language.
Plugging in an external keyboard to the laptop has the same issue.
When I turn off Keyman (via Task Manager), then the right SHIFT key works fine.
It only affects the right SHIFT key. (The left key functions as expected.)
Thanks for any help.

Welcome @mgvh to the Keyman Community.

That’s a strange issue that I’ve never encountered before! Could you send us a diagnostic report following the instructions at https://help.keyman.com/kb/40 so we can see if there are any interactions going on with other pieces of software – this is a private report that only team members can review.

Once we receive the diagnostic report, we’ll review it and go from there.