Bloom   Bloom Feature Requests

Two-page view within Bloom Reader (5)
Tables in Bloom (7)
Reduce preview file size (2)
Credits page - CC licence prose (5)
All format options in one menu (2)
Logo on Title Page (6)
customCollectionStyles.css vs customBookStyles.css (1)
Highlight talking books by the word option (5)
No margins (2)
Add color to text and/or shading in color (1)
I would like the ability to use the Custom Page Template in a Dictionary Picture Book (5)
Support recording multiple languages in Talking Book tool (5)
Handling Dialects (5)
Have Bloom extract data from Paratext (4)
Adapt-It for BLOOM (4)
Allow book title to display in font chosen for book's vernacular title (Bloom collection tab and Bloom Reader) (5)
Show dpi of AOR images before you commit to placing it onto a page (5)
Additional Font Style in a Text Box (3)
Credits page -Please include the original title in the original copyright statement (1)
Add ɏ as special character in Bloom (8)
Change Layout on Arithmetic template (1)
Ability to copy text from language translation speech bubble (3)
Ability to add pictures/logos on the back cover (3)
Multiple Select for Sharing in Bloom Reader (3)
Can we have less white space when borders are added to a text box please? (7)
Wider Margins (1)
Cover pages - choice of picture or text? (2)
Control font size on Quiz (1)
Cover page - Topic custom option (2)
Ability to add pre-recorded audio files (2)