Bloom   Bloom Feature Requests

Let learner record themselves reading a book in BLOOM Reader (1)
Bloom and Bloom Reader: Ability to Organize Books by Series, Topic, Keyword, or "Bookshelf" (2)
Add a fourth language (2)
Layers to the page template (4)
Video embedded in EPUBs (4)
Front/Back Matter typography & alignment (3)
customBookStyles for a Template Page collection (2)
Animate a word breaking down building up (4)
Audio Questions for Quizzes for non-readers (1)
User interface change request (at least in French): Unique words (4)
Make Bloom Reader available on Amazon App Store (11)
Could we ask for more freedom in layout and content for front and back cover pages? (5)
Allow Bloom Reader to display books from an SD card (10)
Logo on Outside Back Cover (2)
Access and download Bloom Library books directly from Bloom Reader app (3)
Bloom Reader for iOS (10)
Make page numbers optional in Bloom Reader books (2)
Public Domain option (2)
More Calendar options (1)
Smaller font size needed for page numbers (9)
Two-page view within Bloom Reader (5)
Tables in Bloom (7)
Reduce preview file size (2)
Credits page - CC licence prose (5)
All format options in one menu (2)
Logo on Title Page (6)
customCollectionStyles.css vs customBookStyles.css (1)
Highlight talking books by the word option (5)
No margins (2)
Add color to text and/or shading in color (1)