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About the Bloom Feature Requests category (1)
Bloom's PDF color output (8)
The ability to record quiz questions and answer using the Talking Book tool (10)
Bloom Reader comprehension quizzes in more than one place (6)
Control font size on Quiz (2)
Logo on Title Page (7)
Use L2 in pdf names (1)
CC - indicating if images are modified (1)
Highlighting text in Sign Language Books (3)
Pictures for answers in quizzes (4)
Multiple correct answers for comprehension quiz (4)
Audio Questions for Quizzes for non-readers (3)
Changing CC version in license notice (8)
Adding extra options within Leveled readers (3)
Audio without text (13)
Reduce preview file size (3)
Allow talking book to record one word at a time (3)
Receiving Books within the Bloom Reader or Sharing over WiFi (4)
Videos that loop (5)
Video on book cover (2)
Zero margin ("Full-bleed") Images (1)
A3 PORTRAIT size for Bloom (4)
Request for various text colour and background shading, and borders (11)
Ability to cut a page and paste it a long way from where it is (9)
Allow users to copy/move book to another collection from within Bloom (7)
Display more than 3 collections in the Open/Create collections dialogue box (5)
Value in Word/Libre Office export? (3)
Hyperlink to other pages (1)
Copy and paste to move multiple pages at once (2)
Allow user to determine length of recording (5)